Aponte Village

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What we taste: Chocolate Malt + Key Lime Pie + Kumquat + Polished

The idea of “working in tandem” is integral to everything we do here at Captain + Stoker. In the specialty coffee equation, producers are often forgotten despite being arguably the most important link in the supply chain; this is why we’re so focused on not only highlighting our farmers but continuing to work with them, harvest after harvest. We are beyond ecstatic to announce our first continuing partnership: we’re working with wife and husband Zanaida Adarme and Luis Edmundo Chasoy and Pergamino’s Allied Farmers project to bring back last summer’s most popular offering, a gorgeous honey processed coffee called Aponte Village. In previous years Luis' crop was the primary offering, this year we are offering coffee produced by Zanaida and we couldn't be more excited to support the family.

This coffee of the Caturra varietal is distinguished by its brightness and clarity. The balanced flavor profile and compelling aromatics are best experienced black, but pair excellently with your favorite milk or dairy alternative. Taste for well-rounded chocolate maltiness, citric sweet key lime acidity, and an easy-drinking polished body. Try the Aponte Village on pour-over at our flagship shop in Monterey, as an espresso at our new location in Pacific Grove, or dial in your own recipe with a 12oz bag of beans. Get stoked on waking up each morning knowing that simply by drinking great coffee, you are adding equity to the supply chain and ensuring the continued production of beautiful and unique coffees like this one. 

Producer: Zanaida Adarme and Luis Edmundo Chasoy

Region: Aponte, Tablon de Gomez, Nariño

Process: Honey Process

Elevation: 1900 - 2200 meters

Varietal: Cattura, Colombia