La Joya Nitro Lactic

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What we taste: Chocolate-covered pretzel + Pomegranate + Date + Hazy
We are incredibly excited to bring you our most experimental offering to date, the La Joya Nitro Lactic. This incredibly unique and compelling coffee comes to us by way of a partnership with a true polymath- not only is fourth-generation coffee producer David Solano an expert in experimental processing, but he is also a three-time national barista champion and a rising star in global specialty coffee. The Solano family has been dedicated to improving the quality of life in their local community of El Sapito for over 150 years, and through the generations, they’ve built a small church, a school, and a health clinic. This particular coffee comes from the oldest section of the estate, from plants that were planted 125 years ago and are still producing.
When the La Joya cherries arrive at the wet mill, they are thoroughly washed to eliminate any contamination that could adversely affect the delicate fermentation process. The beans are then plunged into a nitrogen-pressurized stainless steel tank (hence the “nitro”) and soaked in water with lactobacillus culture present (hence the “lactic”). Temperature, pH, and pressure are all closely monitored throughout the fermentation process to coax forth rich and complex notes of salty chocolate and syrupy date. Get stoked on the La Joya Nitro Lactic and enjoy the wisdom of 4 generations of processing prowess in every cup.
Producer: David Solano
Region: San Martín Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango
Process: Nitro Lactic Maceration Natural
Elevation: 1800 MSAL
Varietal: Red Bourbon