San Pedro de Cartago

San Pedro de Cartago

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What we taste: cocoa + orange + lime

San Pedro de Cartago, a small town deep in the mountains of northern Nariño, is populated almost entirely by coffee growers. Winding streets weave alongside epic vistas- the cold climate and high altitude of which offer some of the best growing conditions in all of Colombia. The Lasso family have remained a pillar of the community for years and their association, Terra Café, helps coffee roasters around the world to source these special offerings.

The process of decaffeinating this coffee begins with locally harvested sugar cane, which is turned into molasses and allowed to ferment, ultimately yielding the organic compound ethyl acetate. This compound bonds with the caffeine molecule, effectively removing it from the coffee entirely while also imparting a slight note of fruitiness. Ethyl acetate is naturally occurring in many fruits and is also used extensively in culinary production, commonly adding a note of sweetness to hard candy, chewing gum, and ice cream. Be free of both buzz and worry as you enjoy notes of dark cherry and peanut m&m in your late afternoon cup.

Producer: Smallholders of Terra Cafe & Lasso Familia

Process: Washed Process - EA Cane Sugar Process Decaf

Elevation: 1900 meters

Varietal: Cattura, Colombia, Castillo