Bloom Bucket Hat

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A note about your order

To ensure you're receiving the freshest coffee possible, we generally push orders placed over the weekend to the following roast week. So if you order on a Friday afternoon, your order may not be sent out until Wednesday. This also includes 5lb bags.

These bucket hats were hand dyed, one by one, which obviously makes each hat unique! The cloudy sky design actually happened by accident, which we hope you can appreciate as much as we do.

For sizing - if you know you typically need a larger hat, then L/XL is for definitely for you. Otherwise the S/M fits most. These hats will stretch out a lil' after your first few times wearing them.

Our Spring collection is inspired by bloom (and Jen's mom). "Bloom" is both the process of letting your coffee release carbon dioxide, and it's what flowers be doin' around this time of year.