Cold Soul

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What We Taste: chocolate stout + lavender + papaya + velvety

Coffee and wine have a lot in common. From a high altitude vantage point, one might even be forgiven for mistaking one for the other- both products are steeped in rich history and tradition, both involve the careful terraced cultivation and processing of a delicate fruit over time, and both sit comfortably atop the list of the most predominant beverages in human history. Despite the similarities between these industries, innovations and production techniques rarely make the jump from wine to coffee, and vice versa. Luckily, talented producers the world over are working to shatter this paradigm, and they’re delivering magical products in the process - enter Cold Soul.

We’re excited to bring you a truly compelling coffee from Luiz & Flavia Saldanha, our producer partners in Paraná, Brazil. Through their cold wine yeast inoculation process, they’ve achieved a remarkable degree of control over the fermentation and its impact on the final cup. Although this experimental process is not entirely new in specialty coffee, the research behind it is- new tools and techniques are constantly being developed to improve both quality and consistency, and coffee fermentation applications are more acutely understood than ever before. The wine yeast is added during a 24-hour submerged anaerobic fermentation in cold natural spring water, during which the drop in temperature slows fermentation and allows the Saldanha’s to manipulate key metabolic processes, accentuating the desired acids and esters while controlling for defects. This particular methodology was developed through consultation and collaboration with Aida Batlle, an El Salvadoran Cup Of Excellence winner and one of the foremost experts on yeast inoculation in specialty coffee.

We’ve roasted the Cold Soul light to preserve the nuanced interplay between flavor and texture developed during fermentation. You’ll encounter tasting notes both familiar and foreign in every sip; enjoy the robust velvet maltiness of a chocolate stout, softened by delicate lavender and sweet echoes of papaya. Get stoked on the Cold Soul and explore the frontier of coffee experimentation from your cup.

Producer: Luiz + Flavia Saldanha

Region: Paraná, Brazil

Process: Cold Water Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Mundo Novo

Elevation: 700-800 MASL