Captain and Stoker Capricornio Dulce Signature twelve ounce coffee bag, Catuai Natural and Honey process coffee from Brazil

Dulce Signature

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What we taste: Honey Glazed Almond, Cocoa, Sugarcane, Balanced
Collaboration is essential at every level in specialty coffee, and no one understands this better than our co-op partner Capricornio Coffees. Through the partnering and pairing of producers, Capricornio cultivates both innovation and economic opportunity within the São Paulo region and beyond. Their collaborations have garnered widespread notoriety, even claiming victory at the 2018 Brazilian Barista Championship with their micro-lot collaboration with barista Thiago Sabino.
The Capricornio Dulce Signature is also a collaboration. By pairing two varietals from two producers using two processing methods, Capricornio achieves astounding consistency from crop to crop. Blended green at origin, this offering includes a honey processed Catuai cherry from Fernanda Maciel's Fazenda Terra Preta, as well as a naturally processed IPR Catuai cultivar from Luiz Saldanha's Fazenda California. By facilitating collaboration between these luminary producers, Capricornio is able to offer compelling uniqueness without deviating from the standard of excellence we've come to appreciate through our 2-year relationship with the co-op. With telltale Brazilian flavors of cocoa and sugarcane, this balanced coffee exudes honey-glazed almond and will satisfy fans of both light and dark roasts.
Producer: Capricornio
Growers: Fernanda Maciel, Luiz Saldanha
Processing: Natural & Honey Process
Varietal: Catuai
Elevation: 750-1100 MSAL