Todos Santos

Todos Santos

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What We Taste: Orange Blossom Honey + Graham Cracker + Melon

La Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, is home to a bountiful agricultural region within the department Huehuetenango. Coffees grown in this department are known for diversity in flavor profile, many exhibiting notes that can’t be experienced elsewhere in Guatemala. Todos Santos, a farming community where the traditional MAM dialect is spoken and the Tzolk’in (the 250 day Mayan calendar) is observed, produces a variety of impeccable coffees through the fusion of time tested agricultural practice and contemporary innovation in processing.

Our Todos Santos offering comes to us through a collaboration with Jorge de Leon Jr., one of Guatemala’s legendary “master tasters”, who has worked for years to provide crucial resources and education to farmers. Jorge has partnered with select producers for the Sangre De Toro (Blood of The Bull) project which has succeeded in yielding beautifully complex coffees through a highly controlled 70-72 hour fermentation and a precise raking schedule during the raised-bed drying process. This 100% red bourbon lot was produced by farmer Don Ismael and has been roasted light to preserve the sweet honey notes of orange blossom and the clean refreshing acidity of melon, which are rounded out by a comforting familiarity of savory graham cracker.

Producer: Don Ismael / Sangre De Toro

Process: washed

Elevation: 1700-2100m

Varietal: Red Bourbon