Luca + Captain Collab

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To ensure you're receiving the freshest coffee possible, we generally push orders placed over the weekend to the following roast week. So if you order on a Friday afternoon, your order may not be sent out until Wednesday. This also includes 5lb bags.

Pro Mountain Biker Luca Cometti rides in pursuit of the best trails. Luca is also always on the hunt for that perfect cup of coffee. Since he’s an official Captain + Stoker athlete, we decided to help him put an end to the search. We collaborated with Luca to put together a compelling new blend that features wild fruit and shining citrus notes, with a smooth, nutty finish. The perfect profile for slow morning sippers and pre-ride rippers alike.

Want to stand next to Luca on the podium? We can’t quite promise that. Want to charge up for whatever passion drives you? Here, we can help; Get stoked on Luca Cometti’s blend and shred whatever mountain stands in your way