Image of the three Captain and Stoker pin options.
Pins for Everyone!
Pins for Everyone!
A white Captain and Stoker Pin that looks like a license plate with "Monterey" at the top, "CPTN STKR" in the center, and "Coffee Roasters" at the bottom.
A black Captain and Stoker pin in the shape of a helmet with white font inside the helmet that says "Captain and Stoker" and black font that says "Coffee Roasters".
A Captain and Stoker pin with a rainbow layered font consisting of an orange top layer, yellow layers, teal, and a blue bottom layer.

Pins for Everyone!

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To ensure you're receiving the freshest coffee possible, we generally push orders placed over the weekend to the following roast week. So if you order on a Friday afternoon, your order may not be sent out until Wednesday. This also includes 5lb bags.

These pins will certainly catch everyones eyes! Your choice of the rainbow script, moto helmet, or a cute lil license plate?! Or honestly like, one of each. PLUS we got the extra secure backings so these puppies won’t be falling off and disappear forever :)

License plate is a little bit wider than the diameter of a quarter, for reference.