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To ensure you're receiving the freshest coffee possible, we generally push orders placed over the weekend to the following roast week. So if you order on a Friday afternoon, your order may not be sent out until Wednesday. This also includes 5lb bags.

What We Taste: pluot + stroopwaffel + velvety

At Captain + Stoker we strive to work in tandem with our crew, our community, and our earth. In order to hold ourselves accountable everyday, we center ourselves around what we believe is an ethical backbone: an ethos that we can uphold together. Coffee is delicious, it inspires us, it wakes us up and keeps us going. The sensation of the beverage we create from this precious plant is undeniable. The logic behind consumption is easily grasped. Coffee compels interaction, builds community, it arguably fueled the industrial revolution, and it fuels us as individuals each day.

Unfortunately ethics can be a bit harder to come by in our industry. We exist in a space occupied by megalithic corporate giants with no ethos beyond mere appearance for the sake of marketability. As global thinking permeates every aspect of our culture, it is absolutely imperative that we thread ethical thinking into the fiber of our being with each step forward. We mustn’t simply consider the supply chain, we must consider each link as a means to cultivate an equitable path from crop to cup. At C+S we believe in people: we know our farmers by name, and we attempt to honor their brilliant dedication to innovation and craft in everything we do. Specialty coffee is a highly imperfect industry, but we believe that by approaching each decision with a consideration for ethics over profits, we can do our part to sustain this fragile ecosystem, create equity all along the supply chain, and bring the absolute highest quality product to market. Taste the compelling harmony of the Ethos Blend and consider your particular place within all of this. By supporting small specialty operations like us, you contribute to this system in a truly meaningful way.

Processing: Washed + Natural

Elevation: 1900-2300 MASL

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties