Peru Chirinos

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What we taste:
toasted almond + s’more + layered
The Chirinos is a long-standing cooperative in the northern reaches of the Andes at the tip of the famed Cajamarca region. The organization was established in 1968 by 36 coffee producers with one goal in common- to improve their coffees to meet and exceed the demands of the international specialty market. Throughout the 1980s the coop gained attention for its tireless political effort to establish “pro-cooperative” legislation in Peru which aimed to improve socioeconomic conditions in historically overlooked northern communities. In the decades since then, despite the Peruvian government reneging on promises made and siding with big business, the coop has managed to thrive due to its members' collective vision and solidarity. 
The Chirinos coop uses strictly organic compost when growing their coffee, and all of the nutrient-rich fertilizer is made onsite using a Colombian method known as “gaicashi.” This system produces potent compost at a low cost, and effectively eliminates the need for pesticides by controlling pests naturally. With careful, agronomist supervised management across crop years, the perilous terraced plots that vivisect Chirinos can be coaxed into producing high yield per hectare of Bourbon, Catturra, and Typica varieties. 
Our Chirinos offering presents a profile that is layered, mildly acidic, and clean across all brewing methods. Although the Chirinos is roasted light, it flaunts robust, well-developed caramelized notes and aromas that conjure comforting familiarity for dark roast lovers. Get stoked on a coffee with serious summer energy and taste nostalgic s’more and intoxicating toasted almond in every cup.
Country: Peru
Farmer: Various (Chirinos Cooperative, Cajamarca Region)
Elevation: 1700-2200 MASL
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra