San Agustin - Decaf

San Agustin - Decaf

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What we taste: dark cherry, peanut m&m, juicy citrus

San Agustin in the state of Huila, Colombia is home of the UNESCO world heritage site with the most megalith and ancient religious sculptures in South America. Many of the top rated coffees in all of Colombia come from this region. Because CONDOR, the local exporter, understands that higher quality coffee brings higher prices, they push for excellence and reinvest the profits into the community. Land was purchased by CONDOR to build a daycare facility for the families who operate the farms in the region.

The process of decaffeinating this coffee begins with locally harvested sugar cane, which is turned into molasses and allowed to ferment, ultimately yielding the organic compound ethyl acetate. This compound bonds with the caffeine molecule, effectively removing it from the coffee entirely while also imparting a slight note of fruitiness. Ethyl acetate is naturally occurring in many fruits and is also used extensively in culinary production, commonly adding a note of sweetness to hard candy, chewing gum, and ice cream. Be free of both buzz and worry as you enjoy notes of dark cherry and peanut m&m in your late afternoon cup.

Producer: Smallholders of San Agustin
Process: Washed Process - (EA) Cane Sugar Process Decaf
Elevation: 1700 - 2000 MASL
Varietal: Variedad Colombia, Cattura, Castillo