Camp Coffee Season

Camp Coffee Season

By C+S Crew

Camp Coffee Season

Whether you've booked some campsites, have a secret boondocking spot, or maybe you're just planning a morning drive down the coast and want to brew some coffee roadside, we put together a guide for camp coffee styles for a variety of situations. 


Our Steeped Packets are a great option if you're into backpacking, especially if your vibe is ultralight backpacking. Just boil water on your camp stove, and steep the packet for your desired strength and you're good to go. Though our steeped packets are great for on-the-go, minimal-packing-space trips, we totally approve of using them for a *lazy girl* coffee morning, whether out in the wild, at your comfy campsite, enjoying the view from your campervan, or in your living room. 


If you have a little more space to spare, Aeropresses are very lightweight, and they brew a stronger cup of coffee a little closer to an espresso style by using a manual high pressure brew method without having to lug an espresso machine in your bag. For instructions on how to brew, we recommend this video.



Car or Van Camping

A moka pot is a great option for car or van camping, boondocking, or just taking a drive and brewing a cup on site. We appreciate it as an option for a stronger cup because you can brew the coffee right in the container on top of your camp stove, it requires a quick rinse of the various parts to clean, and it's relatively low maintenance. While one of the simpler methods, it's ideal for scenarios when you don't have to worry about how much weight you're packing on your trip.
Our favorite method for camp coffee is a pourover. This is arguably one of the higher maintenance methods for on-the-go, because it requires so many pieces, so we only recommend this method if you're willing to spend some time slowing down and enjoying the pace of disconnecting. If you're hiking to PCT and have to stick to a schedule, for example, this is definitely not the way to go. We recommend the Kalita Wave as a lightweight and sturdy option for pourovers on the go. 
While there are a million ways to brew coffee, these are our favorite for both ease and cup quality. Enjoy the coffee out there!

Coffee Recs

With tasting notes of s'mores and toasted almond, our Peru Chirinos single origin is a favorite choice for summer. If you're looking for something brighter and fruitier, our Costa Rica Las Lajas is a go-to among our crew.


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