Captain + Vista Views

Captain + Vista Views

By C+S Crew

Captain + Vista Views

For all of our of town, or new to town friends, this one is especially for you! Want to find some great vista views or relaxing green spaces while in town? We've got a few recommendations - local favorites if you will - within walking distance of our cafes, or just a short drive. Please remember to pack your trash and leave earth better than you found it!


Let's start with the bikes on the map: these are our cafes! 

The bike logo slightly inland on the map is our original cafe on the corner of Franklin and Adams Street. If you're looking to sit down and have some food, read a book, or spend time relaxing or working, this is the spot for you.

The bike logo further out on the peninsula of the map is our Pacific Grove location. This is a great spot for coffee on the go, people watching from our window or bench, or a pick-me-up on the way to a scenic walk. While we do not have indoor seating at this location, we always welcome friends to hang out and chat with us! 


1. Del Monte Beach and Fisherman's Wharf

This area is just across from our Monterey cafe, about a five minute walk. Once you exit the cafe, walk down East Franklin street with the flow of the one way traffic, then turn left on Figueroa. If you walk straight, you'll eventually wind up on the fishing wharf. If you veer to the left once you pass the parking lots, you'll find the Old Fisherman's Wharf full of restaurants, souvenir shops, and more. If you turn right just after the first parking lot (on the left), you can jump on the coastal trail, play volleyball, or enjoy Del Monte Beach. 


2. Lover's Point

This scenic beach is just minutes away by foot from our Pacific Grove location. It's a protected cove, so it's often sheltered from the wind, and it's shallow enough that it's a great location for kids to play in the water - though it can be cold! When exiting our PG shop, turn left and walk down to the ocean, about three blocks. When you approach the coastal trail, veer left to make your way down to the beach. 


3. Asilomar State Beach

Asilomar is just a few minutes drive from our Pacific Grove location. It's an expansive beach with room to spread out, and is a great spot (seasonally - check your wave reports!) for surfing: typically it's a faster spot, great for shorter boards. This is a dog friendly beach, but dogs must be kept on leash. 


4. Monterey State Beach

If it's a nice day with low wind, Monterey State Beach is a great spot about ten minutes from our Monterey cafe where you can really spread out and find your own nook. Some days you'll see paragliders flying over the dunes, adding a certain magical effect to the landscape that can literally stop traffic. This is a perfect spot for beach games that require space like This is also a dog friendly beach, but dogs must be kept on leash. 


5. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Point Lobos is truly a jewel along our coast. There are many varying beaches and coves, from white sand to pebbles and near-black-sand. There are vista views of bird colonies, the Big Sur coast, and kelp in clear turquoise water waving at the sun with the tides. Please be extra mindful of areas where food is or is not allowed within the park, as it is in close proximity with wildlife whose ecosystems and food sources we aim to keep wild.


6. City Hall/Friendly Plaza

If you're looking for an easy local spot within the city, maybe if it's too windy for the beach, you can check out Friendly Plaza along City Hall, one of our historic city buildings, and the Monterey Museum of Art. On sunny days you'll find the lawn full of people with picnic blankets, playing catch with their dogs. It's a great spot that feels slightly set back from the city while still being located right in the center. From there, we recommend checking out what's on display at the Monterey Museum of Art. 

 We hope you enjoy exploring Monterey! 


Photos by Jaime Boddorff



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